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Dear Friends,

This week we conducted 4 virtual Assembly Talk to a total of 650 students from Casuarina Primary School, Farrer Park Primary School, CHIJ Our Lady Queen of Peace, and Endeavour Primary School. 

On Wednesday, regular weekday patrol at Punggol Waterways was carried out by 3 members on one boat. The water was very clean, only about 0.5kg of litter was collected, and no other notable issues sighted. They did some boat maintenance and cleaning after patrol.

On Saturday, there were a total of 25 new members and existing members who came for patrol and orientation at Kallang. They went out in 3 groups of bike patrol (max. 5 each) and on 2 boat patrols (see photos). Bike patrol groups sighted lots of rubbish trapped in the nets around the floating platform (see photo). They also found wine bottles and chicken essence bottles at the benches outside Marina Bay Sand (see photos). Under the Benjamins Sheares Bridge near YOG Park, there were less cigarette butts compared to previous weeks, but still significant (see photo). Near the Passion Wave at Bay North, bike patrol groups picked up plenty of litter on the embankment under the bridge (see photos). We strongly encourage the relevant authorities to conduct ambush or step up surveillance in these areas on weekend nites.  As for boat patrols, they picked up litter, mostly plastic bags, along the way from WWS to Singapore River (see photos). In total, boat patrols picked up 8kg and bike patrols also picked up 8kg of litter.

In the afternoon, there were 3 new members for boat orientation, 4 new members for bike orientation and 7 existing members turned up at Punggol (see photos). Bike patrol groups picked up lots of litter along the footpath in the park. In Particular, some fast food packages were left on the stairs near water, which is likely to be blown or washed into water (see photo). Under the shelter in front of Waterway Terraces II, there was lots of litter and at the bench below Terrance III where there were lots of cigarette butts (see photos). In addition, plenty of plastic bags and used tissue paper was thrown on the grass below BLK 678C and 677D (see photos). In total, bike patrol groups picked up 8kg of litter and 2 masks from Punggol Waterway Park. Boat patrol didn’t find much trash from water, but foamy water came down from the drain opposite WWS office, at around 1430pm. The next morning, around 0830am, foamy water again sighted out from the same drain again (see photos). Members have reported this sighting to PUB. We recommend strong action taken on those responsible- this is our source of drinking water and can put our community at health risks.

On Sunday morning, there were 18 existing members and new members who came for patrol at Kallang. 3 members did gardening (see photos). The water in Marina Reservoir was generally clean on Sunday Morning, except near Clarke Quay area where it was a bit muddy. The 2 boat patrols picked up litter along the way towards the upper stream of the Singapore River, most of the trash were picked up near the Esplanade, Clarke Quay and boat Quay area. In total, boat patrol picked up 21kg of litter from water. The bike patrol groups moved in different directions, one towards Sports Hub and the other one towards the Flyer. Plenty of rubbish (about 2kg) and 1 mask was picked in front of the Flyer (see photos). Other litter picked up along the routes made up 14kg and plus 5 masks. Additionally, groups of more than 5 people were spotted in the park (see photos).

On Sunday afternoon, there were 3 members who went for bike patrols and did bike orientation for 2 new members (see photos). Other than regular bike and boat patrol, 18 members (including new members and regulars) did a kayak cleanup at Jurong Lakeside. Another 7 members went on two boats as their safety boat and did boat patrol at the same time. Sightings of fewer Herons probably due to all the construction works in Chinese Garden.  The Bike patrol group found lots of rubbish along the Rasau Walk and under fishing zone deck 1, in total about 5kg. The flexibility of kayak allowed them to pick up litter at areas such as shallow water under viewing platforms and boardwalks. They picked up 61kg of litter in total, mainly plastics and cans, plus some metal objects from nearby construction sites. We also engaged a few members of the public residing around lakeside (at least 6), expressing interest in our society work and possible collaboration ideas.

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