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Dear Friends,

This week was a quiet week, we only did one Virtual Talk for Riverside Pri School (320 Pax), and 20 volunteers under The Moving Visuals Corporation (see photos).

Punggol Weekday patrol was carried out as usual on Wednesday morning, with 4 members on 2 boats (see photos). They picked up 2.5 kg of litter from water, including 1 mask and 1 pad (see photos). Otters were sighted in the Waterways near the Childrey Sand Pit (see photo).

Saturday patrols at Kallang involved 13 members and 3 new members for bike orientation and boat orientation respectively (see photos). Boat orientation went to Singapore River, did a briefing for new members, and picked up 1kg of litter, mainly plastics and cans. The other boat patrol picked up litter at Kallang River. They found a huge dead catfish in a sand bag (see photos). A total of 5 kg of litter was picked up, also mainly plastics and cans (see photos). Bike patrol groups picked up litter along the footpath, many litter was found at benches near Dragon Boat Beach. At the pontoon in front of the Flyer, the bike patrol group found many plastic cups and beer bottles (see photos). There was water accumulated in the cups, which posed a risk of mosquito breeding. In total, 2 bike patrol groups picked up 10kg of litter.

On Saturday afternoon, a total of 8 members plus 4 new members doing patrol and orientation at Punggol (see photos). Plenty of cigarette buds, beer cans, and food leftovers discarded at wall fountain shelter. A luminous strip of staircase came off at the wall fountain platform and has not been repaired yet (see photos). Floor lighting next to the wall fountain found toppled (see photos). The area under Punggol Road Bridge was heavily stained with pigeon droppings and one dead pigeon was found there (see photos). Someone is feeding the birds with some left on the bench next to the bridge. The grass patch next to Block 678C found always with litters, suspect high rise litters from this block (see photos). The main entrance of Osis Terrance was also always littered (see photos). In front of the Waterway Cascadia, lots of litter was found near the river (see photos). Warning and caution signs had been discarded below the Kelong bridge (see photos). In total, 6.5 kg of litter was picked up, mostly plastics, empty cans, beer bottles, and 9 used masks.

On Sunday morning, due to the cleanup program for volunteers under The Moving Visuals Corporation, there was no boat patrol at Marina Reservoir. Instead, 14 members and 4 new members did bike patrol in 4 groups, plus 3 members doing gardening (see photos). The 4 bike patrol groups went in different directions. One group found much plastic waste at the jetty next to the fishing zone near Crawford Road (see photos). Lots of litter was found around the PUB dustbin at the fishing zone next to Sir Arthur Bridge (see photos). Another bike patrol went up the Kallang River, they picked up lots of trash along the footpath of Kallang Baruh Road. They also found lots of rubbish, abundant aircon, and other big sandbags that were dumped near the entrance of Indoor Stadium Car Park towards Cresent Rd (see photos). The third group went to the Singapore River. The area in front of the Flyer was quite clean on Sunday. They found an unclaimed bicycle and a food delivery bag in front of the Bank of China (see photos).  In addition, a group of 21 gathered under Benjamin Sheares Bridge, half of them without masks (see photos). In total, 4 groups of bike patrol picked up 19kg of litter, and 18 used masks (see photos). 

On Sunday afternoon, there were 7 members plus 8 new members who did 2 bike patrol and 1 boat patrol (see photos). The Jurong lake water is quite clean, but they picked up big trash bags and packed food items. The boat patrol picked up 6kg of litter and 1 disposable mask from the water. In the park, there were more picnicking groups. Bike patrol groups picked up lots of rubbish along the way from WWS to the viewing Bridge and fishing zone area. A total of 17.5kg litter and 1 mask was picked up from Jurong Lakeside Garden (see photos).

On Wednesday afternoon, two members of the public brought one pigeon to our Kallang Office, which was caught in a fishing line with a hook. With help from WWS staff, the pigeon was rescued and released (see photos). 

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