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Dear Friends,

This week we had three sightings that will need more vigilant monitoring by the relevant authorities. All have been reported to the relevant agencies. The first was the sighting of two kayakers up at Punggol Waterways (lamppost EA9) on Saturday night, 31st. Oct. about 2115hrs, Using plain orange kayaks and understanding they had been kayaking for about 1.5hrs already. The second was cooking with a gas canister in front of Esplanade on Sunday, 1200hrs. Our Sunday patrol group engaged and stopped them (see photo). The third, a group of more than 5 kayakers was sighted on Saturday 31st, 1500pm, on the grass slope in front of the WWS office, and not practicing social distancing. Not sure where these kayakers came from (see photo).

The week also saw WWS running 3 CSR programs for corporates and 1 VIA program for school. We conducted a CSR Waterway Cleanup program for Talyor and Francis on the bike (16pax) and on foot (6 pax). SCOR Services Asia Pacific did a Kayak Cleanup, 20 staff involved; and 7 staff from SS&C Technologies did a Boat Waterway Clean up. We also conducted virtual Assembly Talk and virtual Upcycling for two classes from South View Primary School. In total, 116kg of litter was collected during the programs this week.

On Wednesday, 5 members did boat patrol at Punggol Waterways and repaired the boat number painting on the boat. They picked up one football from the water (see photos). 

On Saturday,  there were 6 new members doing boat orientation at Kallang and 2 new members did bike orientation. There were also 7 members who came to lead the bike orientation and did bike patrol, 4 members came to lead the boat orientation in 2 boats (see photos). As park users returned to the park, there were more trash found around the resting area in the parks. This Saturday, bike patrol group 1 found trash around the bench at Dragon Boat Beach, resting bench in the Pebble Bay Park and area under Benjamin Sheares Bridge on Bay North Side (see photos). Bike patrol group 2 went to the upper stream of Kallang River, litter was found on the grass slope along the river bank (see photos). At the pontoon in front of BLK 63 Kallang Bahru, lots of litter was left on the fence, suspected left by the fishermen (see photos). Both boat patrol groups went to the Singapore River to brief new members. The main body of the Marina Reservoir was generally clean, except the area in front of Tanjong Rhu which is near the Fountain. Most rubbish was found near the Singapore River Boat Quay area. Boat patrol groups also picked up litter on the steps and in the drain of the Singapore River (see photos). A total of 15kg of litter 3 masks was picked up.

In the afternoon, 7 members did a bike patrol at Punggol Waterway Park, at the same time 2 members and 2 new members did a boat patrol (see photos). At the Wall Fountain, plenty of rubbish discarded on the glass shelter and the platform (see photos). Rubbish still found at the bottom of the glass shelter for almost a month (see photo). No smoking sign at lamp post-E6-1/7 facing the wrong side and recommend placing it on lamp post-E6-1/6. Smokers claim they weren’t able to see the sign clearing from the slope. There is an illegal smoking corner next to the lamp post-E6-1/8.  A lot of cigarette butts were discarded outside the railing (see photos).  Under the Punggol Rd Bridge, bird dropping is everywhere (see photos). Discarded shared bicycle next to lamp post-E15-1/W-65, opposite the Waterways Point. In total, 7.5kg of litter and 8 masks were picked up by Punggol Patrol groups. 

On Sunday morning, 1st Nov, lots of tributes were found floating in the Rochor Canal and Kallang River (see photos). There were 2 new members who came for bike orientation and 6 new members who came for boat orientation. There were also 7 members who did bike patrol, 4 members did boat patrol and 4 members did gardening, including our youngest member (see photos). Boat patrol groups found that water under Esplanade Bridge near Merlion area was very dirty (see photos). Algae was also found in water next to Custom House (see photos). After that, boat patrol went to Kallang River and lots of rubbish floating around Sir Arthur Bridge, mostly plastic cups, cans and plastic bags (see photos). On the other hand, bike patrol groups cycled along Kallang Riverside Park and Gardens By the Bay. They found used Insulin needles discarded on the grass at Kallang Park connector near the lamp post A2 15A (see photos). Kallang Riverside Park and areas around Sports Hub were generally clean, hot spots of littering were jetty in the fishing zone near Sir Arthur Bridge and basketball court outside BLK 1 Kampong Kayu (see photos). Another group of bike patrol headed towards Merlion Park. Litter was picked up along the route from F1 pite to the floating Platform. Empty wine bottles and plenty of cigarette butts were found in front of Corona Pub in NTUC Income Building (see photos).  In total, bike patrol groups picked up 16kg  of litter and 15 masks; boat patrol groups picked up 38kg of litter and 20masks. 

In the afternoon of Sunday, at Jurong Lakeside Garden, 4 members plus 1 new members did bike patrol, 2 members plus 1 new members did a boat patrol and 2 members did housekeeping (see photos). The water of Jurong lake was quite clean, except in some areas where lots of leaves came off from the housing area after rain. Boat patrol picked up 5kg of trash, mostly plastic bags, sweet wrappers and straws, and also 8 used masks. As for the bike patrol, they picked up lots of rubbish along the way from WWS office to the viewing bridge, they picked up 4 masks around the viewing bridge. The total trash collected was 12kg.

At the same time, there were 21 members who did kayak patrol at Marina Reservoir. They picked up 73kg of rubbish in total.

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