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Dear Friends,

We are so glad that this week was a busy week for WWS after such a long down period due to the COVID-19. For the week, we did a total of 6 programs -3 CSR programs for corporates, and 3 VIA programs for schools. Roche Singapore Pte Ltd did two activities – Bike Cleanup (19 pax) and Boat Cleanup (13 pax), a total of 32kg litter was collected by them (see photos). iFast Corporation Ltd. did a waterways cleanup on foot and picked up 74kg of litter; while 15 staff from Salesforce Singapore did a Boat Waterway Cleanup who collected 38kg of litter from the water (see photos). On the other hand, Casuarina Primary School arranged Coastal Cleanup up for the 8 classes of Grade 6, conducted in two days. On the first day,  4 classes of students (131 pax) cleared 148kg of trash from the beach; however, on the second day, the other classes couldn’t go out due to the heavy rain in the morning, they did a wet weather program in the classroom instead (see photos).  We also did a Kayak Waterway Clean up for 20 students from Pasir Ris Secondary School (49kg of litter collected) and Virtual Assembly Talk for 1300 students from Huamin Primary School (see photos). 

In total, 426kg of litter was collected during the programs this week. 

On Friday afternoon, we played host to visitors at our Jurong Lakeside Garden Office: Retired Minister Khaw, former  PHC Chairman Liak and ACEO Nparks Kong, and GD Lakeside Kartini. Thank you for spending time with us. 

There was no weekday patrol at Punggol, as the Punggol team volunteered to help on the Coastal Cleanup program. On Saturday morning, there were 6 new members who came for boat orientation and 3 new members came for bike orientation. Together with 13 existing members, the Saturday team did 2 bike patrols and 2 boat patrols (see photos). At the pavilion next to Sir Arthur Bridge fishing zone, many rubbish scattered around on the grass, including single used utensils (see photos). Plastic wastes were also found at the steps in front of Singapore Indoor Stadium, along with the park connector along Tanjong Rhu Promenade and the Floating Platform (see photos). Patrol was suspended for a while due to the heavy rai n. After the rain, boat patrols found that along the routes towards Singapore Flyer, plenty of litters flowing on the water.  The water condition was a bit muddy after the Floating platform towards Boat Quay. A total of 40kg of trash was collected by the boat patrols, mainly plastic bags, bottles, cigarette buds, etc; but there was too much litter to pick up because of the rainy weather.

The weekend patrol at Punggol this week was canceled due to the heavy rain weather. 

On Sunday morning at Kallang, there were 3 new members who came for bike orientation, 5 new members came for boat orientation, and for the first time, we arranged foot orientation for 3 new members that cannot cycle. There were also 18 members who went for patrols and 4 members did gardening. In total, there were 3 groups of bike patrols, 2 boat patrols, and 1 boat patrols. The reporting time was at 1000am, 1030am, and 1045am respectively. 

The first bicycle group patrolled along the Kallang River. They reported stagnant water at Kallang Park Connector (see photos). They found a lot of litter along the way from Sir Arthur bridge to Kallang MRT Station, the way towards Bendemeer MRT Station and Kampung Bugis. Total trash pickup up was 22kg, mostly plastic bags and can and 8 disposable masks. The second group of bike patrol went to Clarke Quay. They found many cans thrown next to the rubbish bin in front of the Public Toilet B of the Bay Central (see photo). They picked up some litter in the areas in front of F1 and the Singapore Flyer, but the whole stretch of steps at Boat Quay and Clarke Quay was very clean. They also reported stagnant water opposite Riverside Point (see photo). Bike group 2 picked up 2kg of litter and 2 masks. The third group of bike patrols went towards Sports Hub. At the Kallang Park Connector behind Kampong Bugis, there was lots of rubbish, which looks like from picnickers, left under the bushes (see photos). Many empty plastic bottles were found near the Dragon Boat Beach. Total trash collected by bike patrol 3 was 4kg. 

The foot patrol group also headed towards Kallang MRT Station. At the Crawford Street bridge, they found lots of rubbish inside the flower bed, about 2.5kg (see photos). Cardboards, plastic bags, and empty bottles were found at the small jetty next to the bridge (see photos). They also reported stagnant water near Bus Stop No. 80029 along Kallang Road. In total, foot patrol picked up 6kg of litter.  

Last but not least, boat patrol group 1 patrolled towards Singapore River and Kim Seng. There was litter found in the water in front of the Singapore Flyer and Merlion vicinity. They collected 6kg of rubbish which was mainly plastic bags and bottles. The second group of boat patrols went to Kallang River. They found one big plastic bag full of garden trash at the month of Rochor Canel. The estimated rubbish collected was 20kg.  In total, Sunday patrol groups picked up 34kg of litter from land and 26kg of litter from the water.

In the afternoon, 4 members did a boat patrol at Jurong Lake and 9 members did bike patrols in groups at Jurong Lakeside Garden (see photos). The majority of the Jurong Lakes water was clean, but there was one conner accumulated a lot of litter (see photos). They collected 6kg of litter from the water, mainly plastics and cans, plus 2 face masks. In the park, the bike patrol groups noticed many rubbish collecting water, which may have mosquito breeding. There was plenty of litter in the water edge around the viewing deck opposite Fusion Restaurant but cannot reach by the members.  In total, bike patrol groups picked up 9.5kg of litters.

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