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Dear Friends,

This week we received another group (19 pax) from Align Technology, doing CSR Foot and they picked up 23kg of litter (see photos). On Sunday morning, there was also a group from the public taking our Christmas Holiday Special Kayak Session, 9 of them collected 36kg of trash from the water (see photos). 

On Sunday afternoon, 18 members came to do a kayak patrol in Marina Reservoir (see photos). Despite ending early due to the weather, they picked up 78kg of trash from the water. 

On Thursday, the Punggol team did regular maintenance for boats. On Saturday morning, 10 members came for duty at the Kallang office; plus 2 new members under bike orientation and 2 new members under boat orientation, there were 2 groups of bike patrol and 1 group of boat patrol (see photos). The bike patrol orientation group went to Sports Hub direction. There were lots of litter floating at the water edge under the jetty next to Dragon Boat Beach (see photo). They picked up about 4kg of litter, comprising whisky bottles, plastic trash, and cans. The boat patrol orientation group and the other bike patrol group went towards the Singapore River. Littering was found in front of the Singapore Flyer again (see photo). At the Singapore River, lots of litter seen floating out from the drain SR-R25 (see photos). At the Parliament House towards the reverse bungee, one signage on ‘Dismount’ for Cyclist has faded and needs urgent replacement (see photo). One empty beer bottle and cups were left on the bench just beside the reverse bungee. Members found water ponding at the end of merchant road on the left (see photos). In addition, on Saturday afternoon, one unauthorized inflatable kayak spotted in Marina Reservoir (see photo). Reported to PUB. In sum, 10kg of litter was collected by Saturday patrols.

At Punggol Waterways, 4 members went on a bike patrol; one leader and skipper plus 3 new members under orientation did a boat patrol (see photos). The broken floating boom near the Jewel Bridge has been removed. However, the floating boom near Station #38 found loosen and covers across the waterways (see photo). Broken chains were found under Sumang Walk Bridge, near Station #10, and at lamppost E6/5 (see photos). What’s more, plastic bowls and papers sighted discarded on the slope in front of Blk 678C (see photo). In total, Punggol patrol picked up 1.5kg of litter and 1 mask. 

On Sunday morning, there was 1 group of boat patrol, involving 2 new members doing boat orientation; and 3 groups of bike patrols, involving 3 new members doing bike orientation. In total, 15 members and 5 new members turned up for Kallang Sunday patrol (see photos). There was lots of rubbish floating near the water edge at different locations around Marina Reservoir: Duck Tours, Boat Quay, Battery Road, and Kallang MRT Station (see photos). The boat patrol picked up 8kg from the water in total. The bike patrol groups spotted one dead rat at the first corner from the WWS office, after the WWS pontoon (see photo). The teams were picking up litters along the water. Under the Shears Bridge near the Duck Tour, 7kg of litter and 4 masks were collected. Members also picked up litter at the embankment in front of the Singapore Flyer and along Esplanade Bridge (see photos). The bike patrol groups collected 26kg of litter and 20 masks in total (see photos).

In the afternoon, 10 members did 2 bike patrols at Jurong Lakeside Garden, and 2 members plus 2 new members did 1 boat patrol in the Jurong Lake (see photos). There are more and more groups of picnickers gathering in the Lakeside Garden. Members advised one group not to pitch a big tent in the park, they complied and removed (see photos). The water was generally clean. Boat patrol picked up 1kg litter only and there was no mask found on the waters. However, boat patrol found litters on the fringes of the water venture club house, 1st fishing platform and waterfront bushes -unable to be retrieved. The litter below the fishing platform was cleared by the cleaners on Monday after contacting them(see photos). The floating boom covering the Japanese Garden Construction site splited into two. Reported to PUB and it was fixed on Monday (see photos). In between Neram Stream and southern promenade near Lily Pond near lamppost WS 2-3 L2S1 T1 N2 one chair, rubbish bag, and a black bag left unattended (see photos). In total, 4kg of litter, mostly plastic, cans, bottles and 1 mask was collected.

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