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Dear Friends,

This week we did 3 CSR programs in total, 2 Kayak Cleanup for SWEAT! Gym and Salesforce Singapore and 1 Boat Waterway Cleanup for The Leadership Institute. Both Kayak Cleanup had 20 participants and they picked up 63kg and 66kg respectively. The 13 participants from The Leadership Institute picked up 20kg during the boat cleanup. In total, about 150kg of litter was collected during the programs this week. We had one safety boat duty at Punggol for the Safra Event. 

On Wednesday, 5 members of the Punggol Team did one boat patrol along Punggol Waterways. About 2.5kg of litter was collected but the waterways seemed to be clean. 

On Saturday morning, 14 members turned up for duty at Kallang,  plus 3 new members doing bike orientation and 3 new members  boat orientation (see photos). The 20 members in total did 3 bike patrols and 1 boat patrol. The reservoir’s main body was generally clean, only about 2kg of litter was picked up, comprising plastic bags and bottles. Oil film was reported near the Asian Civilization Museum (see photos). Clifford Pier external support beams steel internals requiring patching up. The 3 bike patrol groups picked up 14kg and 14 masks in total, mainly plastic bottles and cans. Most of the litter was picked up under Benjamin Sheares Bridge near PA and in front of the Singapore mFlyer (see photos).

In the afternoon, there were 8 members who turned up for duty at Punggol, including 2 new members turned up for boat orientation and 2 new members for bike orientation. However, the Punggol bike patrol started late due to the heavy rain in the early afternoon and the boat patrol was canceled due to PUB carrying out discharging water restrictions. Bike patrol groups picked up 3.5kg of litter, mostly plastic bags. Two stray dogs were spotted loitering near the toilet area behind the WWS office (see photos). Broken chains were found near Station 10 and Station 37 (see photos). One abandoned kid bike was found next to the lamp post-E17-B/W-40 (see photos). 

On Sunday morning, there were 16 members who came to Kallang for patrols and 10 new members doing orientation, 7 for bike orientation, and 3 for boat orientation. In total, we conducted bike patrol in 3 groups and boat patrol in 2 groups (see photos). The boat patrol groups went towards the Singapore River and Kim Seng area. The water was generally clean around the floating platform and along the Singapore River, only isolated trashes (plastic bottles and plastic bags). Most of the rubbish was collected in the vicinity of Jiak Kim Bridge, with a fair amount of rubbish, leaves, twigs and plastic bags floating around. The two groups of boat patrol picked up 6kg of litter in total. On the other hand, the bike patrol group reported stagnant water in the open drain near lamppost A3/72 (see photos). Most areas of Kallang Park Connector and Sports Hub were generally clean, except for Dragon Boat Beach and the Beach Volleyball court. The areas under Benjamin Sheares, both near F1 Pit and the MBS, are hot spots for littering, many plastic bottles, cans, and used masks were picked up. In total, bike patrol groups picked up 12.5kg of litter and 11 used masks. In addition, lots of park users gathered in the Kallang Riverside park without social distancing (see photos). We recommend the relevant authorities take appropriate action please. 

At Jurong Lakeside, 5 members did a bike patrol, 2 members and 3 new members did a boat patrol on Sunday afternoon (see photos). The bike patrol picked up lots of rubbish (about 16kg) along the way from WWS to the viewing bridge and some rubbish floating in the water unable to reach (see photos). Whereas the waterways in Jurong Lake were generally clean, our boat patrol observed an accumulation of trash at the dead-end between the “new science center” and the country club. They picked up 3 kg of plastic bags and styrofoam, plus 1 football and 1 sepak takraw ball. 

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