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Dear Friends,

This was a short week due to the New Year Holiday. On Sunday, we did one kayak cleanup for a small group of 7 from our public program and they picked up 19kg in total (see photos). 

There was no weekday patrol at Punggol and Kallang this time. Saturday patrol was canceled due to the continuous rain, but 9 members came and did housekeeping at Kallang.

On Sunday morning, we had our first patrol at Kallang after moving to phase III. There were 24 members divided into 3 groups, 2 groups of bike patrol and 1 group of boat patrol (see photos). 

Due to the heavy rain on Saturday, the water level in the Marina Reservoir raised and left a lot of rubbish on the shore. A stretch of rubbish on the grass was found below the Benjamin Shears Bridge and also along Kallang Riverside Park (see photos). Ponded water was found near Kallang Riverside behind the toilet area (see photo). Members spotted one dog without a leash and the owner was playing pick up the stick with the dog in the reservoir at Kallang Riverside children’s playground (see photos). The boat patrol found the water was generally clean, only isolated trash. However, they cleared a lot of rubbish and one disused bike from the pontoon. In total, the 2 bike patrol groups picked up 21.5kg of litter and 10 masks, containing mostly plastic bags, cups, bottles, and styrofoam; the boat patrol groups picked up 20kg in total.

In the afternoon, 11 members did bike patrol in two groups and 4 members did a boat patrol at Jurong Lake (see photos). The water level was high in Jurong Lake as well and left plenty of litter on the shore. The two bike patrol groups picked up about 23kg of litter and 3 masks from the shore between WWS to the fishing platform (see photos). The litter was 90% plastic and metal cans. The boat patrol collected 1kg of litter and 2 masks from the water. They observed the accumulation of trash at the dead-end again near the country club, but unable to access it as the barriers for countdown were still up. (see photo). 

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