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Dear Friends,

This week was rainy one resulting in a quieter week for Waterways.  However, we still manage to have one CSR Kayak Cleanup Program for PricewaterhouseCoopers Risk Services Pte. Ltd. Despite the cleanup activity being shortened due to the bad weather, the 19 participants managed to pick up 19kg of litter (see photos). 

On Wednesday, weekday boat patrol was carried out at Punggol by 7 members. They found fast-food packing leftover on the slope behind the WWS office container (see photos). There was plenty of isolated trash floating in the Punggol Waterways. The boat patrol picked up 5kg of trash and one football (see photos). 

On Saturday morning at Marina, there were two groups on bike patrol (groups of 8 and 6 respectively) and one group of 8 went for boat patrol (see photos). The bike patrol group found most of the litter under the Benjamin Sheares Bridge next to the MBS and Passion Wave, and around the River Taxi Station in front of the Singapore Flyer (see photos). In total, the two bike patrol groups picked up 5.5 kg of litter, containing many plastic wastes, lots of cigarettes, and a few masks. On the other hand, the boat patrol group went to the Kallang River. They found lots of litter floating along the bank of Dragon Boat Beach and around Kallang MRT (see photos). They even picked one hypodermic needle with blood (see photos). The boat patrol group picked up 8 kg of litter in total.

In the afternoon, 6 members did boat patrol at Punggol Waterways (see photos). The patrol was shortened due to PUB discharging water. The patrol still found  lots of litter, especially small pieces of styrofoam floating around the Wave Bridge opposite the Oasis Terrace (see photos). In total, they picked 15kg of litter and 3 masks from Punggol Waterways. 

The Sunday patrols at both Kallang and Jurong were canceled due to the non-stop rain. Originally, 27 members scheduled for duty at Kallang and 18 members for Jurong Lakeside. However, there were still 5 members who came to do some housekeeping at Jurong Lakeside in the afternoon.

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