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Dear Friends,

This week, we conducted 2 CSR programs: one Bike Cleanup Program for Aodigy Asia Pacific with 10 participants. A total of 16kg of litter was picked-up; and one Kayak and Pedal Boat Cleanup for INSEAD Alumni (30 pax), and they managed to collect 60kg litter from our reservoir waters (see photos). A total of 76kg of litter collected for these two programs.

Over the week, we did spring cleanings in our different branches. On Wednesday, instead of going out for patrol, 4 members cleaned the office containers at Punggol (see photos). 

The weather in later parts of the week was good and all our activities were carried out as planned. On Saturday morning, 8 members did bike patrol and 6 members did boat patrol (see photos). The bike patrol group found plenty of soft drink cans and beer cans along the embankment in front of Singapore Flyer, despite the Aodigy CSR group just did a clean up in the area on Friday afternoon (see photos). One fishing rod was left behind near the Floating Platform (see photo). They also found many plastic bags beside the bridge crossing to Kg Arang; and one piece of picnicking sheet and a full bag of plastic trash was left under Merdeka Bridge (see photos). The boat patrol picked up litter along Kallang River Bank and spotted 2 illegal fishing (see photos). In sum, the bike patrol picked up 2.5kg of litter and 4 masks, the boat patrol picked up 20kg of litter in total.

On Saturday afternoon, 16 members did a kayak patrol at Marina Reservoir and collected 16kg of rubbish plus 9 masks from Bay North in total (see photos). On the other hand 8 members attended bike patrol at Punggol Waterway Park (see photo). Members found lots of litter and cigarette butts discarded on the level 2 platform next to the wall fountain and glass roof (see photos). Unknown substance floating on the water surface from below the Jewel bridge to the nearby construction site. The total litter they picked up was 3kg.They also noticed many faulty structures. The metal strip of staircase came off at the platform next to the wall fountain (see photo). Also at the wall fountain platform, one “No-smoking” sign dropped off and members brought it back to the office (see photos). Damaged display board at the heritage wall found loosen. Safety buoys at the boardwalk found had been tampered with by ropes thrown in the water and another safety buoy found missing. Last but not least, overgrown plants at the HDB side had covered half of the PCN path after the Waterways Point. Patrol members also noticed two features could use some improvement. The ashtray found on the rubbish bin top should be covered up, at no smoking zone next to lamp post E5-1/12 (see photos). Toilet near Sunrise Bridge was under renovation and the boarding had covered half of the path and caused blind spot for cyclists.   Members had witnessed some near miss incidents.  Suggest to put up slow down warning signs at both sides of the path.

On Sunday morning, at Kallang, we had 5 members come for bike patrol, 7 members for boat patrol and other 7 members came to do boat training. At the same time, we conducted our first Pedal Boat training for potential leaders with 12 members (see photos). Before they moved out for patrol, members moved kayaks in order to clean the kayak storage area (see photos). The water of Marina Reservoir was generally clean, only isolated trash. Fishing net and rubbish left on the river bank, in front of BLK 65 (see photos). The boat patrol reported one floating boom at SRR10 drift away loose (see photos). The bike patrol spotted public place oranges on trees for birds near lamp post A3-85 (see photo). They picked up about 3 kg of litter along the water bank before Duck Tour (see photos). Isolated litter was picked up along the way from the floating platform to Parliament House. In total, the boat patrol picked up 2kg of litter plus 1 mask, 16kg picked up by the pedal boat training groups and the bike patrol group picked up 7.5kg of litter plus 2 masks.

In the afternoon, 13 members came to Jurong Lakeside Garden for duty, 8 of them went for bike patrol and 5 went out on boat (see photos). Along the way from the WWS office to Viewing Bridge, a bike patrol group picked up lots of rubbish, mostly plastic and cans. However, there was still much rubbish in the waterfront that couldn’t be reached. The total rubbish collected was 14kg. The water in Jurong Lake was basically clean, but the dead end near Jurong Town Hall trapped a lot of rubbish. 

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