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Dear Friends,

This week was still quiet, we did one virtual assembly for Ai Tong School which 18 classes attended, and one CSR Pedal Boat Clean-up for 7 participants from Salesforce (see photos). They picked up 22kg of litter from water plus 12 masks (see photos). 

Weekday patrol at Punggol was carried out by 7 members. They reported a damaged protective cover of water pump P1-3 and the broken window of WEATHERPROOF OG BOX OGA E5 (see photos). They did a boat patrol and picked up 3kg of and 2 masks only. During this patrol, they rescued one turtle entangled by a fishing line (see photos). 

On Friday afternoon, pink water was spotted discharging into the Rochor Canal (our reservoir), and reported to PUB (see photos). Apparently came from the nearby Condo as a result of their painting of Tennis Courts. Hopefully appropriate action will be taken by NEA Pollution Control.

On Saturday morning at Kallang, 8 members turned up for bike patrol and 7 members for boat patrol (see photos). There were lots of cigarette butts found under the Benjamin Sheares Bridge and plenty of litter under the Ord Bridge (see photos). In total, the bike patrol picked up 15kg of litter plus 6 masks, and the boat patrol picked up 10kg of litter plus 30 masks! In addition, 10 students did volunteer VIA cleanup at Kallang Riverside Park and they picked up 10 kg of litter including 2 masks. 

In the afternoon, 9 members did kayak patrol at Punggol Waterways, another 4 members on boat patrol (see photos). The kayak patrol group went up to the Sengkang Wetland area and collected 8kg of litter but no mask. The boat patrol group saw a family trying to release something into the reservoir under the road of Sengkang West Way. The boat patrol members engaged them. 

On Sunday morning, we had an orientation session for 15 new members (see photos). Another 4 new members did not turn up as one of the group member was not well. There were also 4 members who came for boat training, 4 members went out for bike patrol and 8 members did pedal boat patrol (see photos). The bike patrol group noticed rubbish piled up near rocks along the Dragon Boat Nursery Beach (see photos). There was also left over peanuts around the benches near Dragon Boat Beach (see photo). One shared bike was discarded on the road side behind the Kallang Water Sports Center (see photo). The bike patrol group picked up 12kg of litter and 12 masks. The 4 members in the blue pedal boat picked up lots of litter from areas outside of WWS Biodiversity Pond, corner of jetty next to the Dragon Boat Nursery Beach and along the Wetland in front of Sports Hub (see photos). In total, they collected 54kg of litter and 1 mask. Another 4 members who used the red pedal boat also went to WWS Biodiversity Pond and Dragon Boat Nursery Beach and collected 17kg of litter plus 8 masks. Members helped to wash all pedal boats after patrol. The orientation groups focused on sharing information, but they still picked up 6kg of litter and 4 masks. They reported a fallen tree branch in Bay Central Park near Nicoll Highway MRT station(see photo). Public was going down to the Pontoon, although the gate was chain up, opposite Singapore flyer River Cruise Pontoon. 

We also played host to CNA doing a report on littering and plastic. 

In the afternoon at Jurong Lakeside, there were 4 members doing a boat patrol, and 2 groups of bike patrol with 4 and 5 members respectively (see photos). The bike patrol group picked up rubbish along the shore. The park was basically quite clean, but a lot of rubbish was on the water at the Rasau Walk area which was able to be reached by both bike and boat(see photo). They picked up 2kg of litter, mainly plastic, and 2 masks. The boat patrol picked up isolated litter from water, in total of 3kg. They reported the float boom was loose and drifted away at the canal opposite to Yuan Ching Secondary School (see photos).

This week we also did housekeeping and changed some of the damaged ceiling boards in our office and seminar room (see photos).

In addition, we noticed that there were lots of signages falling on the floor. We would like to recommend signages to be better secured in public places (see photos).

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