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Dear Friends,

This week we didn’t conduct any program, but the team was occupied with program arrangement and preparation for our March VIA programs, which will be a busy month for us.

On Wednesday morning, 6 members from the Punggol Team did boat patrol in the Punggol Waterways using 2 boats (see photos). Two stray dogs were spotted at the children’s sandpit (see photos). After many requests were sent, Npark diverted the road next to the children’s sandpit. Now the parents and children can be safer (see photos). Thank you Nparks. The waterways are relatively clean on the day, but the patrol members still picked up 5kg of litter along the water bank (see photos). 

The Saturday duty at Kallang was carried out by a total of 16 members. There were 4 of them who went for boat patrol along Singapore River; two groups of bike patrol with 6 and 4 members respectively and another 2 members did gardening. One group of bike patrol went around Marina Reservoir via Gardens By the Bay. They found lots of bottles under the Benjamin Sheares Bridge and even a drug bottle. The Duck Tour launching jetty is also a hotspot for litter. This group picked up 5kg of litter and 5 masks. The other group went along the Geylang River. They reported plenty of trash inside the drain along JIn Benin Kapal and many illegal fishing activities along both banks of the Geylang River. This group picked up 3kg of litter and 5 masks. In total, the bike patrol groups collected 8kg of litter and 10 masks. 

In the afternoon, 6 members did a bike patrol and 5 members did a boat patrol at Punggol Waterways (see photos). The bike group spotted a lot of litter in the water fountain pond but it was not accessible (see photo). The damaged staircase step at the glass roof platform was still waiting for repair. Many pigeons roost under the Punggol Road over the Waterways. The missing safety buoy at broadwalk is still yet to be replaced. The Punggol Waterways Park was generally clean and they only picked up 0.5kg of litter plus 2 masks (see photos). On the other hand, the boat patrol found the safety fence and one sharing bike was dumped near the waterway sunrise PCN toilet (see photo). One metal tray inside a plastic bag was found beneath an aerator near PUB Station 2. They even helped a group of young boys to retrieve their soccer ball from the water. The Boat patrol group picked up 3kg of litter plus 2 masks (see photos).

The new member orientation was carried out on Sunday morning at Kallang, a total of 15 new members attended the session (see photos). At the same time, we also had 7 members for bike patrol and 7 members for pedal boat patrol, 3 members did gardening and 3 for admin (see photos). The two pedal boats helped to remove dying plants from our Biodiversity Pond before moving out for litter picking. The jetty next to Dragon Boat Beach and the area in front of Stadium were generally clean this week, but they still picked up 15kg of litter and 1 mask (see photos). The bike patrol group went towards Marina Barrage by passing Sport Hub. They picked up some litter from Dragon Boat Beach, but the litter situation has improved over the last two weeks. One broken bike was found near Lamppost 6-1L/01 near Marina Barrage (see photo). The rubbish hotspot areas were the Dragon Boat Beach, Tanjong Rhu and Gardens by the Bay. In total, they picked up 18kg of litter, containing plastics, glass beer bottles and cans, plus 25 masks. The orientation groups focused on sharing information with new members. But they spotted 9 ilegal fishing along the way and picked up 1kg of litter and one ezlink card (see photo). In the park near to the Nicoll Highway MRT, fruits were hung on the trees, believed to be feeding for squirrels (see photos). 

At Jurong Lakeside Garden, 15 members reported in the afternoon, conducted patrols by boat (5 pax), by bike (7 pax) and on foot (3 pax) (see photos). Big group of 15 persons was spotted in the Jurong Lakeside garden, and our member advised them to split into two or three groups (see photo). Lots of rubbish was found along the water edge and on the grass slope in front of Fusion Spoon (see photos). A plastic container was left on the grass, collecting some water, which may breed mosquitoes. A total of 6kg of litter and 3 masks from the water was collected by the foot patrol group. The lake water was clean on the day and the boat patrol group picked up 05kg of litter. The bike patrol picked up the most, a total of 12kg of rubbish with cans and plastics was collected. They also picked up 3 masks and one discarded fishing line (see photos).

The Waterways Watch is extremely concerned with the consistent sighting and picking up of used masks plus the increased amount of hot spots. It would be good for the relevant authority to remind all stakeholders of their responsibility to the environment and do more on public education.

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