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Dear Friends,

This week we conducted 2 sessions of Kayak Waterways Cleanup for a total of 72 students from Damai Secondary School over 2 days (see photos). In total, the students picked up 58.5kg from Kallang Basin. 

On Wednesday, 6 members did boat patrol at Punggol Waterways (see photos). The waterway was generally clean on that day, 1.5kg of plastic bottles and cans were picked up (see photos). No wild boars were sighted, and NPark staff were busy putting up sign boards warning people about the presence of wild boars and what to do when encountering them. On Thursday, we did our first weekday boat patrol at Jurong Lake (see photo). Three members plus two invited friends of member attended the patrol. We hope to make Thursday as a regular operation for Jurong Lakeside Branch. The month of Feb. saw a total of 39 new members Application. 

On Saturday morning at Kallang, 7 members did a boat patrol, 7 and 6 members did bike patrols (see photos). The water in the Marina Reservoir was generally clean, members only picked up isolated litter (plastic bags, bottles and cans) from Singapore River. On the other hand, trash came back to the hotspot on land. Lots of litter was found under the Benjamin Sheares Bridge in front of the Singapore Flyer (see photos). The sloppy grass bank area along Kallang River was also prompt to littering (see photos). Litter was also spotted at the Kolam Ayer ABC Site and the Tanjung Rhu waterfront (see photos). The Archimedes Screw at Kolam Ayer was also damaged (see photo). In total, the boat collected 3kg of rubbish, while the bike groups picked up 4.5kg of litter plus 18 masks and 4kg of litter respectively.

Saturday morning, 9 WWS members participated in NPark OneMillion Tree Movement at Punggol Waterway Park (see photos).The weekend patrol at Punggol Waterways was conducted with 3 members by boat, in the afternoon (see photo). The water in the waterway was very clean. Two stray dogs were sighted playing at the sandpit playground. One boy was spotted fishing near Sengkang Swimming pool, at the bridge across to the wetlands. He ran away when saw our members. 

On Sunday morning, 19 new members completed their orientation. Other than that, 4 members went out for bike patrol and 6 members did pedal boat patrol (see photos). The 2 pedal boats went to our regular hotspots: behind WWS biodiversity pond, jetty next to Dragon Boat Beach and Stadium, these areas were all quite clean this week. In total, they only picked up 6kg of litter, mainly plastic bags, food packaging and bottles, no masks. The bike patrol group found the park was generally clean also, except for an area near Nicoll Highway MRT. They picked up 4kg of litter and 2 masks.

On Sunday afternoon, instead of normal boat and bike patrol, 22 members did a kayak patrol at Jurong Lake (see photos). Kayakers were separated into three subgroups and one member drove a safety boat. Lots of litter was picked up along the shallow areas along the water bank and under the threes. Three groups collected almost 60kg of litter and 15 masks. 

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