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Dear Friends,

Our 2021 Annual Report and Minutes of Annual General Meeting 2021 has been made available on our website (wws.org.sg). 

Last week was a quiet week for WWS, we did 1 programme and 3 downsized patrols with 11 members involved. In addition 13 members did maintenance work at the three locations (weekday/weekend). had 4 programs postponed due to the recent change in guidelines by the government.

Family of the CEO came and did a simple boat cleanup (5).

The Social Enterprise For Education And Development Limited (SEED) did Bike Waterways Clean for 24 pax of participants. They picked 62kg of litter and 57 masks along the Bay Central Park. They even picked up a pillow under Benjamin Sheares Bridge (see photos).

Due to the current spike of COVID cases in the workplace, WWS suspended weekday patrols and minimized weekend patrols from 8th September (last Wednesday) onward and for the next 14 days, in adherence to the latest MOH advisory. At Punggol and Jurong Branch, 2 members came on Wednesday and also on Thursday respectively to do general maintenance; another 3 members rectified a problem on a boat at Jurong on Thursday.

3 members did gardening maintenance on Sat and another 3 on Sun. 

On Saturday morning, 2 members did a simple bike patrol along Gardens by the Bay. The embankment in front of Singapore Flyer was a hotspot for littering as usual. The waterfront of Costa Rhu was also found to be littered with beer cans and food packaging as well, especially around the fitness area and the roundabout at the end of Rhu Cross (see photos). They also spotted one abandoned SG bike at Gardens by the East (see photo). There were 2 skipper warming up the boats at Kallang and they did a boat patrol towards Singapore River by the way. They picked up mainly plastic bags and food wrappers plus 4 masks and 1 can, which weighed 5kg in total (see photo). On Saturday afternoon, 4 members did a boat patrol at Punggol (see photo). They saw ropes hanging across the waterways under Edgefield Plains Road and reported to PUB (see photos). They collected 2kg of litter only and with no mask.

There was only a boat  patrol on Sunday with 3 members.  

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