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Dear Friends,

Last week was another slow week. We did 5 programmes (3 virtual and 2 physical), and had 7 patrols with 27 members involved in total.

We had two CSR programmes, one each for SAP and NIE. There were 28 staff from SAP who did Bike Waterway Cleanup and 12 did Pedal Boat Waterway Cleanup, and collected 140kg of litter in total (see photos). Seven teachers under NIE training also did a Pedal Boat Cleanup and they picked up 31kg. We conducted a Virtual Talk and a Virtual Learning Journey at Pang Sua Pond on two different days to 50 Ngee Ann Poly students. We also did a complimentary Virtual Talk for Exxonmobil which 45 audient attended.

On Wednesday, 2 members did an observation boat patrol at Punggol Waterways after completing weekly maintenance. They found again the attach end of the damaged life buoy on the boardwalk was thrown into the water (see photo). Some flowers and praying offerings were discarded next to station 37 (see photo). At Jurong Branch, 2 members went on a familiarisation boat patrol and other 2 members did a simple bike patrol on Thursday. The Jurong Lake water was clean and the park was very quiet. Although there were few people around, the bike patrol group picked up 3kg of litter, including 2 masks, 7 plastic bottles and plenty of plastic wrappers. They found a lot of litter at the Allotment Garden, possibly left behind by the garden enthusiasts (see photos).

On Saturday morning, five members came down to Kallang HQ. Three of them did a simple boat patrol to Marina Bay and Singapore River, while the other two members did boat training. Two Garden members did evening maintenance on Friday. The water was quite clean on Saturday with very few litter being picked up (2kg only). In addition, there were 20 new members attending the virtual briefing.

In the afternoon, there were also three members who warmed up all boats at Punggol Waterways, with an additional 1 member staying back for housekeeping and maintenance. The Punggol Waterways was generally clean, but had pockets of rubbish in some areas. They picked up 2 cans, 3 plastic bottles and some plastic bags along the way which made up 2kg.

On Sunday morning, 7 members went for boat patrol using two boats at Kallang (see photos). 3 members did Admin n housekeeping. The water in Marina Bay and the lower part of Singapore was clean and clear, but the boat patrol teams still picked up plastic bags, bottles and cans along the way. Lots of floating debris was found near Jiak Kim Bridge (Kim Seng Road) with mainly plastic bags (see photos). 

There was no patrol at Jurong over the weekend. 

Last but not least, two members, Carol and Vincent, initiated their own Snorkel Cleanup at Pulau Hantu with another three friends on the International Coastal Cleanup Day(see photos). They removed 21kg of litter from under the water along the coast of Pulau Hantu, which consisted mainly of plastic bottles and other plastic litter (see photos). 

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