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Dear Friends,

Last week was a very quiet week for WWS in terms of both programme activity and members’ activity. We only did 2 virtual learning journeys programmes for 49 new citizens in each session. As for members’ activities, we were limited to 3 patrols with 6 members and another 9 members helped in maintenance work, due to the current COVID situation. A pang sua litter activity was suspended.

On Wednesday, at Punggol, a total of 5 members came for office housekeeping, boat training and maintenance work(see photos). They observed that the Punggol Waterway Park was very quiet with few people around and the water was very clean too. On Thursday, 2 members went on a short maintenance patrol at Jurong Lake (see photos). A few plastic bottles and cans were picked up from the water, other than that the Jurong Lake was very clean. Many plastic bags were found along the shore near the boardwalk. A total of 2kg litter was collected.

There was no patrol at Kallang last Saturday, only boat training on our newly introduced electric engine (on loan)was conducted. Four members took part in two groups.  In the afternoon, activity at Punggol was also cancelled due to the heavy rain.

On Sunday morning, a total of 8 members turned up at Kallang. Four members did boat patrols, two members did a simple kayak patrol and two did garden work (see photos). The water in Marina Reservoir was basically quite clean, however, a lot of debris was floating near Kallang MRT station(see photos). Nearly 10kg of litter was collected at this spot, including 11 plastic bottles, 12 cans, and a lot of plastic bags and foams (see photos). The Singapore river was generally clean with a few plastic bags and cans were picked up (see photos). The total litter collected by the boats was 13kg plus 7 masks. 

No activity at Jurong last Sunday.

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