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Dear Friends,

Another wonderful week again for Waterways.  We ran five preschool programs, called River Monster Junior, for five consecutive days with the Stamford American International School (SAIS). In total, 177  kids with their parents and teachers joined the programs (see photos). We also held three corporate programs: Pedal Boat and Boat Waterways Clean-Up for Criteo (20), Kayak Waterways Clean-Up for credit suisse (33) and for NVPC (41).

In addition, we had two meetings; first meeting was with Epson to discuss their coming CSR and confirmed a Corporate Lunch Talk; and second meeting was with NParks to discuss Learning Trail Program for Lakeside Gardens (Jurong). CEO also met up with NVPC and Gone Adventure separately to discuss common issues and potential partnerships. A hectic week for all and well done as the “A Team of WWS”. Truly proud of you all.

For the week, punggol had two weekday patrols and collected quite a lot of litter on bike patrol (not a good sign- see photo). In total we had 16 members on duty for the long weekend. There was no patrol on Sunday at Marina and Punggol (Vesak Day) however, we had admin work instead and conveyed an Exco-Meeting that day..  

On Monday, 20th May 2019, we conducted our first Kayak and Boat Clean-Up at Lakeside Garden, 14 members participated (a separate report has been submitted.). Our earlier recce on the weekday did show some evidence of litter alongside the shoreline (see photos). We hope to have our Jurong Branch (Lakeside Garden Branch) fully operational by the end of June 2019.

There was no anti-littering engagement done, but two engagement on fishing: one just outside our premises (18th May Saturdary, 1200hrs) and the other one at Jurong Lake (20th May Monday, 1645hrs). Total litter collected for the week was 119.5kgs for the Marina and 30kgs for Lakeside Gardens. Total safety boat support service was three for the week.

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