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Dear Friends,

This week was a very very busy week for WWS. We conducted 12 programs (excluding our members weekly patrols)in total. We conducted physical learning trips for 6 classes of Woodlands Ring Primary School in three days. On Wednesday morning, we did Virtual Assembly Talk for Sembawang Primary School (1000 pax) and Stamford Primary School (600pax). Damai Secondary School finished their last session of the VIA cleanup program, 33 students participated (see photos). 31 scouts members from Keming Primary School came for a foot cleanup as part of their World Water Day event and they collected 25kg of litter from water (see photos). As for the CSR program for corporates, we delivered a Boat Waterway Cleanup Program for Salesforces (17 pax) and Engie Impact (14 pax). Both of them collected a shocking amount of litter from water, which were 57kg and 31kg. 12 staff from Impact Credit Solutions did a Pedal Boat Cleanup using three pedal boats. They collected 26kg of litter, even including a metal ladder (see photos). Syngenta did a small group kayak with 8 participants. On Saturday morning, Mitsubishi came to do a Bike Waterway Cleanup for their annual CSR event and 40 of their staff participated (see photos). Additionally, we did a CLC talk at Punggol on Friday afternoon. In total, WWS engaged about 1800 students, 155 working adults and collected 153kg of litter during this week. It was a good week for us.

On Wednesday, 4 members carried out boat patrol at Punggol Waterways. The waterway was very clean with very few litters (about 0.5kg only).

The Saturday patrol at Kallang was limited to only one boat patrol (6 members), one pedal boat patrol (3 members), and 2 members did gardening (see photos). The reservoir water was generally clean and the weather was very windy, thus only about 3kg of isolated litter was collected. However, boat patrol noticed that one green canvas dropped into water from a construction site next to Alkaff Bridge (see photo). PUB followed up with the case and the project manager at site promised that will ensure proper housekeeping and no repeat of the incident. 

There were 12 members who did bike patrol and boat patrol at Punggol Waterways on Saturday afternoon (see photos). They picked up a total of 4kg of litter along the waterway park. At the wall fountain platform, one lamp was loosen with a missing holding screw. Abandoned bicycle was found below the wall fountain platform (see photo). A lot of cigarette buds were found in the water at the wall fountain pond (see photo). Other than litter picking, the patrol group also spotted some faulty facilities, like damaged floor at wave bridge and missing life buoy on the boardwalk. There were also man-made footpaths beside blk 316A and blk 308C, causing soil erosion to the footpath. Two shared bikes were found abandoned in the park (see photos). In addition, the patrol group engaged three youth who were smoking under Punggol Walk next to Punggol Waterway Point. They also engaged 4 teenagers who ilegal fishing and they complied.

On Sunday morning, there 15 new members completed their orientation. Besides that, 7 members did bike patrol, 8 members did pedal boat patrol using 2 pedal boats, 4 members did gardening work and 2 admins came to support weekend duty (see photos). The bike patrol group picked up plenty of litter inside the fishing zone at Kallang Riverside Park and along Tanjong Rhu area (see photos). They also spotted a black bag placed next to the CCTV at the fishing zone near Sir Arthur Bridge (see photos). Shared bikes were found abandoned near lamppost L1-19 in Kallang Riverside Park and under the Merdeka Bridge (see photos). A lot of plastic bags were also found under the bridge opposite Victoria Wholesale Center (see photos). Overall, Sunday patrol group collected 11 kg of litter plus 6 masks.

In the afternoon, 7 members did bike patrol (including 2 new members) and 4 members did boat patrol at Jurong Lake (see photos). The boat patrol collected 4kg of litter, mostly plastic bags and bottles. One glass beer bottle and one fishing kit picked up from the lake, but no masks. The park area was basically clean, patrol members picked up litter mainly along the water edge (see photos). The bike patrol group picked up 4kg of litter plus 4 masks.

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