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Dear Friends,

This week we did 5 programs in total. We delivered one Virtual WWE for Fuchun Secondary School (25 pax) and one WWE learning journey at Lower Seletar Reservoir for Ahmad Ibrahim Primary (40 pax). Both programs are sponsored by NWCDC. There were 48 students from Tanjong Katong Secondary School doing waterway cleanup on foot. The program ended early due to the heavy thunderstorm in the late afternoon, but the students still managed to pick up a substantial amount of litter-  over 70kg in total. As for corporations, Microsoft did a boat waterway cleanup with 10 participants who picked up 12kg of litter and 18 participants from Hilton International Asia Pacific did a kayak cleanup and picked up 72kg (see photos). Over the weekend, we organized the second First Aid Training for 10 WWS members.

Weekday boat patrol at Punggol was conducted with 5 members (see photos). The waterway was dirty and they picked up 10kg of litter and 3 masks. One aerator was stuck with a plastic bag, located in front of the Waterways Primary School (see photo).

On Saturday morning, we had a good attendance at Kallang HQ. There were 2 groups of 8 doing bike patrol and 1 group of 8 plus the other group of 6 doing boat patrol (see photos). We had additional 2 members doing gardening and 2 in admin. The Singapore River was very dirty on Saturday morning, especially near Robertson Bridge (see photos). Isolated litters, mainly plastic bottles and plastic bags, were picked up along the F1 area and Singapore Flyer. In total, the 2 boat patrol groups picked up 30kg of litter plus 6 masks and 20kg of litter plus 3 masks respectively. The littering hotspots on land reported by bike patrol groups are embankment in front of F1 pit, under Benjamin Sheares Bridge near PA and around Promenade WaterB Station (see photos). In addition, quite a bit of litter was floating along the river bank near Kallang MRT (see photos). In total, the 2 bike patrols picked up 14kg of litter and 17 masks. 

This week, on Saturday, 5 members did additional boat patrol at Jurong Lake. The water level was low and muddy. Lots of litter was found near the PA building, mainly plastic bags. There was one towel stuck into the propeller and caused the engine to stop. The boat patrol collected 4kg of litter including the towel.

On Saturday afternoon, a total of 9 members turned up at Punggol for patrol duty, 4 of them did boat patrol and 5 did bike patrol (see photos). The Punggol Waterways was dirty, plenty of bottles, cans and plastic bags were picked up by the boat patrol group. There was litter on top of the glass roof and in the surrounding ponds, which was not reachable by members (see photos). One broken glass beer bottle was found on the viewing steps next to the glass roof, cleared by members (see photo). Below the wall fountain, one electrical box has a damaged cover (see photos). One bare patch was found next to the lamp post E6-1/W200 (see photos).  One of the aerators next to the Sunrise Bridge in Serangoon Reservoir is out of order. In sum, the Punggol patrol groups picked up 12kg of litter both land and water, plus 13 masks.

On Sunday morning, there were 2 groups of boat patrols, 1 group of bike patrol, 1 pedal boat patrol and 3 members doing gardening at Kallang (see photos). In total, 21 members turned up. The bike patrol group went towards Singapore River. Lots of litter was found along the Nicoll HighWay road, at the Duck Tour area and the open space in front of the Standard Chartered Bank Building (see photos). The bike patrol picked up 15kg of litter in total plus 15 masks. The boat patrol groups reported that lots of litter at Kallang River (mainly plastic bags, bottles and cans) and Clark Quay area (mainly plastic bags, straws and small wrappers). The 2 boats picked up 32kg of litter and 11 masks. Last but not least, the pedal boat group found the foliage area in front of Stadium was very dirty. They picked up 20kg of litter, 9 masks, many tennis balls and a large soft toy (see photos). Additionally, the abandoned shared bike at Dragon Boat Beach, which was reported last week, has not been removed yet (see photos). In sum, 67kg of litter and 35 masks were collected during Sunday patrol at Marina Reservoir.

In the afternoon, there were 5 members doing bike patrol at Jurong Lakeside Garden and also doing training for potential leaders (see photo). The water level was low in Jurong Lake and allowed members to extract more litter from the water bank. One kid was spotted waddling at Lily Pond, with parents supervising on the bank. This should be not allowed so members reported to Npark on the spot. The total litter collected was 9kg, plus 4 masks.

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